Spring has sprung at RUBARB and in New Orleans! The rains were a falling throughout April. In keeping with our gold standard of volunteer collective service, RUBARB kept it breezy  to keep bikers rolling regardless of the weather.

With the changing seasons, RUBARB did have some shift coverage changes. We said goodbye for now to Tristan and Rusty stepped up hard to take the reigns for Wednesday's Open Shop hours.  Also Jerry returned after being ill for multiple weeks.  We are  happy to have him healthy and back in full effect during open shop hours. Ashton and Jerry are volunteers that you will always see at RUBARB during open shop hours! 

The summer is right around the corner and we are always looking for more volunteers to help keep the shop open. Also, RUBARB is partnering with the New Orleans Public Library to hook teen readers up with bikes as a reward for keeping those books open throughout the summer!  These are a few ways to be involved with RUBARB throughout the summer, but please reach out to us or come to our monthly meeting on May 20 for more information on being involved at RUBARB.


We came, we saw, we raised funds!!

2015 Thank you

Thank you to all the artists, donors, volunteers and contributors that made the 2015 RUBARB Fundraiser an incredible party and successful fundraiser! Till next year :)

February in New Orleans often means Mardi Gras! The city revels for a few weeks and peaks on that fateful day when we dance in the streets. It was grand. Between the celebrations and the cool damp air, RUBARB was pretty quiet. 

We had some new faces at our monthly volunteer meeting held on the third Wednesday of every month! We welcome all new volunteers who want to share their skills with the RUBARB community. Its especially exciting to see some new faces wanting to be involved because March 27 is our 5th Annual Fundraiser!! Details will be posted as soon as we have more but we are most definitely gearing up for our annual shin-dig. Music, dancing, drinks, auction items, SNACKS!! Please believe Lauren will be representing at the grilled cheese station.

If you're interested in volunteering for the RUBARB fundraiser or want to learn about how to help support RUBARB in other ways please email buildit (a) rubarbike.org