R.U.B.A.R.B. is located on the corner of N. Tonti and Piety (in what used to be a neighborhood club called the "Jewel Box"), in the Upper 9th Ward of New Orleans.


Mon. 3-7

Wed. 3-7

Sat. 2-6

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The best community bike shop ever

*  a bunch of rubarbians attended the regional bike bike! conference in Atlanta, hosted by sopobikes..  we shared a lot of ideas, met tons of great people,  learned about other community bike shops, made pins and silkscreened!  Check it out at: southeast.bikebike.org

* the crescent city farmer’s market organized a bike day and invited rubarb to teach flat fixin and work with youth who attended. the boys & girls club from Iberville came and did worksheets, learned flat fixin and hung out.

*  lani &liz started an afterschool bike program at Arthur Ashe Charter School!  the program, which occurs twice a week, incorporates bike mechanics, bike safety, and bike art for 4-7th graders.  

*  a group of literacy americorps volunteers came to help out and accompanied rubarbians to the Sankofa market  in the lower 9th ward.  during this monthly market, rubarb sets up at the youth tent and teaches bike skills to anyone interested.