R.U.B.A.R.B. is locatedĀ on the corner of N. Tonti and Piety (in what used to be a neighborhood club called the "Jewel Box"), in the Upper 9th Ward of New Orleans.


Mon. 3-7

Wed. 3-7

Sat. 2-6

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The best community bike shop ever

we started organizing at least one field trip a month. Since than, some of what we have done includes; going on bike rides and picnic along the mississippi river, the Audubon Zoo where we saw lots of gators, birds, elephants and other animals and hung out on monkey hill, an Easter party in city park a trip to Barrataria National Park, were we had lunch and took a long walk through the Louisiana swamps, and one of the highlights, going to the beach in mississippi.

we've been silk screening RUBARB t-shirts and selling them as a fundraiser for the shop and for field trips with the bike shop youth. We buy shirts at a local thrift shop, silk screen one of our 3 designs, and sell them on a sliding scale from $5-$15. visit our t-shirt page

an exciting book about new orleans bicycles was recently released and the proceeds from it will go to plan b (www.bikeproject.org).