• RUBARB Community Bike Shop

    Youth friendly: Healthy snacks, field trips and learning skills happen beyond bike repair.

  • RUBARB Community Bike Shop

    Open Shop Hours: Volunteers are available to help you repair, build or maintain your bike.

  • RUBARB Community Bike Shop

    Community Space: The shop is used for events and hanging out too.

  • RUBARB Community Bike Shop

    A shop run completely by volunteers in the upper 9th ward.

History of RUBARB

  • 2005
  • Aug '05: Katrina hits New Orleans, destroying thousands of homes and displacing families.

  • Mar '06: Volunteers from Common Ground turn an empty shed in the parking lot of St. Mary of the Angels ( upper 9th ward) into a space to work on bikes.

  • 2006 - 2015
  • Field trips range from hikes in Jean Lafitte Park, baseball and basketball games, the zoo, puppet shows and performances. Our annual trips to the beach in Waveland, MS and heading to Jazzfest are among the favorites.

  • Oct. '13: RUBARB helps host the regional Bike!Bike! Conference with many successful workshops and a party with music, food, raffles and an alley cat race for the kids and visitors.

  • 2016
  • Sept. '11: Volunteers work hard all summer to renovate the old Jewel Box, a former neighborhood club which will be the new home of RUBARB. Grand Re-opening party a big hit with food, music, relay races, a puppet show and bounce house!

  • 2017 and beyond: RUBARB continues to offer a free space for folks to learn about, fix and build bicycles... run only by volunteers! Plans to bring back ladies/trans/queer night in the works!

RUBARB Testimonial

There was once a bike shop. Lots of children would come there to work on bikes. We ride, we glide, we slide all over the town, and when we are done, we take a break with Pony, Liz, Carl, Matt, Michael and Lou and eat snacks.

We went to the beach and have some fun, and once we found a dead crab! It was blue and white at the bottom and very sharp claws. We also found a rock, it's black with little pebbles and shaped weird like a grave stone. 

When we got back home we told our parents all about it, and how much fun we had and how we went swimming. The water was 3 feet, and warm and cold and sometimes it would be both. We floated, flipped and went underwater, and sometimes we made big sloppy mud balls. We told each other there were creepy things in the water, we grabbed each others ankles and acted like sharks. We also tickled each other and thought it was funny. Taka was chasing after birds. he fetched and swam and tried to get sea creatures. And sometimes we would get salt water in our eyes from watching him. We ate nice sandwiches, and ate crunchy chips, and cool drinks. 

Once we were done we went back in the water even deeper.

And that was our day.

By Terry